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The Administrative and Compliance Management Platform for Community Health Centers

Areas of Laws Covered


CHC/FQHC Compliance


Federal Tort Claims Act


Privacy and Security


340B Drug Discount Program


Federal Grant Compliance


Safety and Health Standards

A Single Integrated Platform Developed for Community Health Centers!

Compliatric gives you easy, centralized control over complex health center compliance management efforts through a comprehensive compliance software platform. Modules include: HRSA Site Visit Evidence Vault, Credentialing and Privileging, Exclusion Monitoring, Policy and Forms Library, Employee Training, Agreement Management, Incident Reporting and Investigations, Auditing and Monitoring, Peer Review, and so much more...

"Compliatric goes beyond just simple tracking of documents. It allows you to make connections between documents and requirements and see how ready you are for the Site Visit or audit in real time."

Compliatric Core Modules

Client Testimonials

Compliatric is here to serve, educate and help you reach your goals.

Having Compliatric as a compliance portal has streamlined our Compliance Department at CareSTL Health tremendously. Compliatric has been a great asset to CareSTL Health and their platform is highly recommended.

Renée Foote

MHA, MBA | Corporate Compliance Officer | CareSTL Health

After our last site visit, I desired a better way to keep everything incrementally and accurately organized and up-to-date for our next site visit. This is when I learned about Compliatric, a web-based program that does all I wanted and so much more.

Edgar Chavez, MD

CEO, Universal Community Health Center

Compliatric allows us to manage all our Compliance and Health Center Program Requirement efforts in one location. We are able to associate meeting minutes, contracts, credentialing, policies, etc., right back to the program requirement we are addressing and see our gaps in real time.

Toni Gauger, CHC

Compliance Director, Rogue Community Health

The great thing about Compliatric is that it is completely and easily customizable. I asked for an additional field in one of the templates and that field was there before I got off the phone. It was breathtakingly refreshing to get that level of response!

Cheryl Johnson

CEO, Sonoma Valley Community Health Center

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